Wankaego @wankaego: Fan Interview with @NoroimushaXL009 – GoodKnews Photography

Wankaego @wankaego: Fan Interview with @NoroimushaXL009 - GoodKnews Photography

@NoroimushaXL009: I’ve asked this in a previous interview, what smell attracts you to a man?

Burberry Touch is a fragrance that I love that would definitely attract me to a man.

@NoroimushaXL009: When you’re not modeling or freestylin’, what do you do on you’re off time?

@wankaego: It’s rare that I have free time. I spend most of my time working! But I have two dogs that I enjoy training, and I loving to spend quality time with my family and close friends.

@NoroimushaXL009: Who would you consider the top five artist out now?


  1. Lil Wayne
  2. Drake
  3. Meek mills
  4. Big Sean
  5. Rosocoe dash

@NoroimushaXL009: What inspired you the most about your tattoos?

@wankaego: My back piece is a Japanese koy fish, its a symbol of strength and good luck, with a Asian charter that means victory, which is what i strive for.

Wankaego @wankaego: Fan Interview with @NoroimushaXL009 - GoodKnews Photography

@NoroimushaXL009: If your tattoo were an animated story, what kind of story would you tell?

@wankaego: It would tell a story of blood sweat and tears. I story of strength, endurance, struggle, triumph and victory.

@NoroimushaXL009: If you were get another tattoo, would you rather someone draw what you want or just go straight to the parlor?

@wankaego: I go to one artist so I pretty much trust him to draw up that I want, and I know I’ll always be satisfied.

@NoroimushaXL009: Do you get nervous when you freestyle on the spot?

@wankaego: Yes, some times, however I’m getting more comfortable and confident as I progress and develop more skills as an artist.

@NoroimushaXL009: Who would you model for next if given the right opportunity?

@wankaego: If i was given the opportunity to model for anyone i would want to so a shoot to be on the cover of XXL for the rookie of the year issue as an artist, That would be such a major accomplishment just to receive that recognition.


Wankaego @wankaego: Fan Interview with @NoroimushaXL009 - GoodKnews Photography