Vote for Sheneka Adams as King Magazine Web Girl Of the Year

KING: What makes you stand out from other web models?

SHENEKA: I can take a camera phone picture and gladly post it without photo shopping it.

That definitely a talent.

I’m comfortable with who I am. I’m an all-natural exhibitionist, who takes chances at everything. And I never lose at anything.

Sounds like you’re confident you’ll win. So what sets you a part from the other models in this competition?

I take this very serious. Like I said before I never lose.

The new followers you attain on Twitter will soon learn that you are an avid contributor to #TittyTuesday and #ThongThursday—even displaying your D’s and thong pictures as content. Is this something you created?

Well, this girl named @MsPanamaBomb started it and honestly I don’t really put my photos up there. Sometimes I will but most times I don’t.

That’s a letdown.

Twitter to me is my reality show so #TittyTuesday and #ThongThursday is just another episode. It’s for entertainment purposes. I get e-mails from people all the time saying I make their day, and the homies in jail appreciate it.

Wait, dudes on lockdown have access to Twitter? Nevermind, continue.

As far as any more hashtags, nah, I will just do those two and leave it at that. I don’t want to offend all my female followers [laughs].

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