I can remember getting a phone call from a friend in Atlanta saying that there is a girl in the Tony Yayo video that I needed to work with. I turned to BET (yea they used to play videos!) and saw this dark skinned girl in a black dress gyrating her way to stardom. Buffie exploded onto the scene via a Yahoo Group on steroids.

She has to be one of the 3 most successful urban models this decade, or as a matter of fact EVER!, and has clearly paved the way for models who’s hips are over 42 inches.

Yes “Seeing is Believing” which is her catch phrase on her site www.buffiethebody.com,
and “being seen” is definitely what she’d done. She’s hosted over 500 parties, appeared in feature films, national clothing campaigns (Azzure), and graced over 10 national magazine covers, including XXL, KING, Blackmen, Source, Smooth, VIBE, Straight Stuntin, ASSETS, ASIS, Sweets, Craze, etc, and continues to work even today.

I remember being on the road with Buffie, and literally forgetting where we were coming from or where we were going. It was insane how often she was getting booked.

Her pet peave was always “someone grabbing her butt.” One time we were in a club and some random fan grabbed her butt, Lawd, why’d he do that? Before security could even step in she whipped around and two pieced dude with the microphone in hand, then got back on the mic like “Yeah are the ladies in the house?”…Classic Buffie.

Today Buffie has gracefully bowed out of mainstream modeling and has moved into the health and fitness world. She launched www.bootynomics.com earlier this year where she shares her eating habits, health tips, and workout regimen with other health conscious women. Buffie the Body was definitely a huge influence on this game.

- Amina

  • Yup

    As far as being one of the most influential models of this past decade, you have to go with Buffie (for better or worse). The pervasiveness of women with busted faces and fat asses that came after she hit the scene is innumerable. And then we can’t forget all of the women that have deformed their bodies with plastic surgery to achieve the Buffie body. Now you have all of these carbon copy bitches trying to adopt the same formula which prompted her meteoric rise (which has been very beneficial to people such as Dwayne Darden and Mike Styles)

    I have more respect for her since she’s left the game moving on to fitness and cooking than when she was modeling. During her “tenure” she came off as ghetto, country, and inarticulate (i.e. her youtube videos with Gucci Mane). But all in all she is a really nice person.

    But yeah the industry can practically be divided into two section B.B. (before Buffie) and A.B. (after Buffie)

  • Big Mike

    I will say this about Buffie, she revolutionized the industry and the whole “big booty” look, definitely impactful. Not the most beautiful, but god the body is ridiculous!