I was skipping through an issue of Straight Stuntin and I stopped in mid flip when I got to a beautiful girl with a “Aaliyah bang” (you know…where the bang covers one of her eyes haha!). Only on rare occasions will I ever read an interview, but after seeing the other 3 pics in her debut spread, getting to know Bubbles was the only thing on my mind.

I got in touch with her for the first time through my lovely Amazin’ Amie, and we’ve all been as thick as thieves ever since. Outside of her site ModeBubbles.com, DynastySeries is official home of Bubbles!

We first met her was at a party in Delaware, hosted by her and Kay Slay. I learned from being on the road with Hoopz and Buffie that you can always tell someone’s appeal when you see how people react to them. The minute we came down off the elevator, she was the center of attention for everyone in the building. Music stopped! DJ stopped! Dancing stopped! Everything shut down for about 30 seconds lol.

At the time her episode of DynastySeries first ran, it was the most viewed video we had ever done…and she wasn’t even modeling.

Along with her multiple features in Straight Stuntin, Bubbles has been on the cover of Blackmen’s 40 on 40, the cover of Smooth Girl, and the most recent issue of Black Lingerie.

As long as there’s a DynastySeries, you can believe my Bubbles will be along for the ride.