Straight Stuntin Magazine and bring to you the Top 25 Models of the Decade.

The urban modeling industry has seen dramatic changes all throughout these past 10 years. Initially the path to stardom solely centered on leading roles in blockbusters music videos, then switched with the creation of new publications, and now the internet has given everyone a chance to be seen.

Over the summer, Quest of Star Max PR gave us the idea of creating a Top 25 of the Decade list. I’d seen Top 10 lists before, but I’d always felt that just wasn’t enough.

The models comprising the Top 25 were voted on by 30 of the leading publishers, photographers, models, agents, and webmasters.

Everyday starting on Thanksgiving Day, November 25th, we’ll be releasing a model in the Top 25. On Dec 20th we’ll give you the Top 25 Honorable Mentions, followed by the DynastySeries 25.

Also be sure to vote for your favorite model in our 2011 Straight Stuntin Cover Model Contest.

Bari the Beautiful