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Which is why you’re going against the grain wearing nothing but a smile in your H2O-infused KING shoot. What a rebel you are.

I receive a lot of backlash and hate mail from men and women from Pakistan and similar countries telling me that I’m going to burn and that I’m shaming my country and religion. Some of these people are even born and raised in the U.S. But for the amount of negativity I receive, I also have 100 times more support from people of my culture. They love the fact that I’m showing the world the beauty that comes out of Pakistan, and hopefully more women will have the courage to pursue their dreams—even if it’s a little outside of our cultural boundaries.

That is hard to believe, but one thing is for certain: You definitely are the center of attention.

I’ve always been the center of attention, all the way back to high school and college, when I was an all-star softball player, until now. I will never, ever do anything over the top for attention.

Clearly. How does your search for attention work in your love life?

As far as my love life is concerned, I absolutely need attention. If I don’t get it, of course, just like anyone who needs love, I will move on. It usually isn’t hard for me to keep the attention of my man unless something is mentally wrong with him.

Tehmeena on King-Mag.com