Stephanie Caicedo Interview: I’m Not Drake’s Girl! – courtesy of Visual Cocktail

You may have read on MediaTakeOut, Bossip, Vibe and plenty of other sites about Drake’s new girlfriend Stephanie Monique. Only one problem, there is no Stephanie Monique, and the beautiful girl in the pics is actually Stephanie Caicedo. Along with new exclusives, courtesy of Visual Cocktail, we’ll let Stephanie set the record straight herself…

1) Stephanie Monique is a FAKE. Whoever she is stole pics from my Facebook page and created Twitter and Facebook profiles with them. My only twitter is @CaicedoS (Follow Me!!) and on Facebook "Stephanie Caicedo Arauz"

2) No, I'm not Drake's girlfriend. But if he wants to call, I'd love it.

3) I'm not white!!! Do I look that pale???? I'm Latina! I host a Panamanian TV show called Fusion507.

Anymore questions? Contact me through @DynastySeries, @VisualCocktail, Twitter, or Facebook!!!

Stephanie Caicedo Interview: I'm Not Drake's Girl! - courtesy of Visual Cocktail

  • Rosie Dawn

    Who cares?? She got MAD exposure off of it, why she complaining. No one knew about her little show, or HER for that matter. No one cares you have fakes. Be happy they want to be you. Stop complaining. And Dynastyseries find better stories. UGH!

  • andyreload

    She s fat!And she ‘s ugly.Much better Andrea Calle than Caceido!

  • Rosie Dawn

    She should be happy someone is linking her to Drake!

  • Fausto Sanchez

    haha! Is Rosie Dawn the fake?…You was on here to post a negative comment at 3am not even an hour after the story was posted…Who does that? y u commented a 2nd time lol Anyways cool to hear the true story and hope she sue for defamation or something cause I know I would!

  • Allybanks

    What would the defamation be? Just wondering. They said nothing but positive things about her. She’s becoming attention crazed let it go. Just my thoughts

  • I don’t see the negative of any of it. Someone wants to be you, “YOUR DOING SOMETHING RIGHT” plus they linked you to the hottest rapper in the game. What’s the problem again? Your on numerous sites. I kind of agree with the Rosie chick. Even though, Im wondering who that really is too lol!

  • cjay

    Say what you want, this girl is still fine.

  • hey