SixShot TV Week 54 with Bari the Beautiful – Adrienne Bailon Naked Pics, Love Keyshia…But Neffe and Franke…, Usher Concert, Suge sues Kanye, Karate Kid??, Wonder Woman, and more!!!!


To start, as the President of Local 6969 Fluesys Union I would like to thank Adrienne Bailon for her leaking pics of herself in her nuditudinal glory! It was a very fluesyish move and I can respect your gangsta! And on top of that…you gave us material we can teach from, and the child of educators you know there’s nothing better than that! What can all of the young ladies take from this…1…always cover up your vulernables! And 2…there’s nothing wrong with taking 5 minutes to make sure you’re hair looks good in your nekkid photos.

I’ve also decided that I will no longer be watching Keyshia Cole’s reality show until I get my own life right. I cant take on the burden of Neffee and Frankie and THEN try to fix the situations in my own life. The show comes on Tuesdays…so by the time I wake up Wednesday morning I am emotionally drained. Its still 3 more days left till the weekend!

Also this week we’re going to question why my friend Miya is never as excited to see as she is Usher, Will Smith being on thin Ice remaking “The Karate Kid,” Beyonce as Wonder Woman, Suge sueing Kanye, and much more! SixShot TV!

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