SixShot TV Week 46 : Hooscow Checkin, Gucci Mane, R. Kelly, OJ Simpson, and more!!!

The weather is changing, the wind is blowing, the leaves are falling…must mean its time for another Hooscow Check-In. I’ve never been a fan of being locked in the Hooscow, but obviously there are some people that just feel different. I couldn’t tell you why OJ decided to get himself in trouble. You would have thought the first “not guilty” he shocked the world with was enough. You’d think Gucci Mane would be willing to just do a little community service to stay out of the Hooscow…but no. And DMX loves the Hooscow…and he’s trying to visit one in every state.

At least R. Kelly is free! As the braidless “R” gave his first televised interview last week on BET since he was amazingly found not guilty. Once again I say…if you like the R….don’t be ashamed. Robert Kelly has done alot of me, alot for you, alot for nekkid time for millions of people across the globe. He deserves a little respect for that dont you think!

And now that we’re in another fall television schedule, and the powers that be have taken every show possible from England, Germany, and Japan…I think its the proper time to start taking some programming ideas…from Brazil! Just got on YouTube and search for “Brazilian TV” and/or “Andress Soares” and you’ll know exactly what I”m talking about!

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