Sidney Lauren Interviews with WizDailyDose


Hennywiz - In this forever evolving business, new faces emerge by the minute. What separates Sidney Lauren from your peers?
Sidney Lauren - The fact that I am always evolving separates’ me… You will never catch me with the same look for more than a month unless a photographer requests it. In this industry you have to keep people on their toes to stay relevant.

Hennywiz - What are some of your long-term goals as you continue to progress in your career?
Sidney Lauren - I’m using modeling as a stepping-stone into networking for my future career in Public Relations. So I hope to see my promo company very successful within in the next few years

Hennywiz - What are your measurements for the people that don’t already know?
Sidney Lauren - I am 34-26-38 ½…. And yes I count the half