Sasha Delvalle: Fan Interview with @valentinemakoni

Sasha Delvalle: Fan Interview with @valentinemakoni

@valentinemakoni: Whats been your favorite photoshoot to date? (and where i can find the pics of course lol)

@sashadevalle: My favorite photoshoot to date has to be my September 2007 issue of XXL Magazine.

@valentinemakoni: So you’ve done King, SHOW, and Dynasty … but when are we going to get PLAYBOY?!!

@sashadevalle: Yes I’ve done a few magazines but no Playboy! Not that i have anything against it but its not my cup of tea.

@valentinemakoni: If i were to take you to lunch, where would you love and what should I order?

@sashadevalle: If i were going on a lunch date it wouldn’t matter where we go… I love to eat!! :)

@valentinemakoni: You’ve been in a number of huge rap videos… who is your favorite rapper / album?

@sashadevalle: My favorite rapper would have to be 2Pac but I love to listen to different types of music. Its soothing to the soul!

@valentinemakoni: Do you still dance salsa at functions anymore?

@sashadevalle: No I’m not dancing Salsa anymore but i do miss it. I did it for 6 years and i was blessed to be able to travel the world at a young age. It was a great experience.

@valentinemakoni: Who is the second most beautiful model you’ve seen (after you ;) ) ?

@sashadevalle: Wow! There are so many beautiful models out , i don’t know who to choose. I can and i will say this my girls from Artistic Curves are all beautiful models.

@valentinemakoni: Whats the one thing that you like the most about you? (You usually reply that “I’m real” but i wanna know- ass, boobs, lips, hips, hair…)

@sashadevalle: My best physical feature would have to be my eyes… I love to hypnotize people when i look at them.

@valentinemakoni: Did you make out with Lisa Ann after the show on Joy Daily…? She had a mad crush on ya lol

@sashadevalle: No i didn’t make out with Lisa Ann after the show even though she wanted to lol

@valentinemakoni: What made you get involved with being a radio host?

@sashadevalle: I’m just trying to take things to the next level. I want to branch out and do a little bit of everything. This modeling thing isn’t going to last forever, so with that being said… Make sure you tune in to Offtop Radio every Thursday 8-11pm on

Sasha Delvalle: Fan Interview with @valentinemakoni