Rosey Rose @RoseyRose__ on Mixed Magazine

A lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets! Rosey Rose is the 24 year old Guyanese model from Miami, Florida that was blessed with all of the natural perfection and beauty with her long dark hair, voluptuous natural boobs, sexy thick body and beautiful exotic face. It only took one Instagram viewing and then next thing you know we have one of the most perfect models ever on the cover. When you first meet Rosey you instantly learn that ladies still exist in the world. Her professionalism, mannerisms and voice instantly begin to melt you and then when you find out that she is smart and is going to law school, you instantly start searching for the wedding ring. And then comes her modeling skills. When we first turned the camera onto her she quickly went from that perfect sweetheart to a scorchingly sexy vixen. Her poses show that she is all woman!