Raquel Royce @_yella_cake in SHOW Magazine Black Lingerie #24

Im so excited to be featured in this issue of SHOW! As this is my very first magazine spread, I almost dont know how to act! To be completely honest, I was contemplating shooting as I thought, “I look different from other woman”. In all actuality, that is just it, the fact that you showcase yourself apart is what captivates the interest of others. I never want to present “stereotypical pretty”, I want you to look at me & wonder, gossip, & even question me. Mystery is sexy & I want to remain a hot topic in the back of ones mind. To give you a slight bit of background on myself, Im originally from California, currently reside in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I love art, all formalities of art, from makeup artistry to the simplicity of nature. I have currently gained an interest & hobby in drawing & painting. “Im a woman of diversity, I never like to look the same”. I love to keep people entertained & fascinated with my switch ups. Im a big do it yourself type of girl, so my makeup & hair is usually done by myself. I am more then willing to answer any questions or give feedback on my makeup tricks, style, etc. I see no reason to be ugly to the next person, Im very much so approachable, so dont be shy! I love engagement & interacting with various people, feel free to tweet me @_yella_cake & follow me on Instagram @_yella_cake. If you see me out, feel free to come up & speak ;)

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