Rali Ivanova is the January Cover of Mixed Magazine

Happy New Year! Mixed Magazine has provided you beautiful models for 2 years and continues by bringing you this incredible model named Rali Ivanova. This beautiful model is from Bulgaria and now lives in Tampa, Florida. Her beauty is bar none and it was truly impossible to catch a mediocre image.

This photoshoot was held at the new Scene Night Club in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. Rali as always brought it and posed like a pro for over 6 straight hours. It was so sexy I had to seriously pinch myself every half hour to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Rali has been modeling in America now for 5 years and has been setting the scene on fire. She has her own website, a 2011 calendar, and resume too long to list.

I’m sure you have already started to scroll down to see this girls incredible images at this point so I’m probably rambling but just incase you are still here make sure you join the member section to prove that you are a very important person by witnessing Rali’s exclusive videos!

Rali Ivanova is the January Cover of Mixed Magazine

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