Portia: Its Only Just Begun – courtesy of Linkz Photo and Elm Magazine

You want to talk about a return everyone’s been waiting for!!! I’ve had to keep this to myself for while we were getting everything together. We wanted to maike sure that everything was perfect for Portia. She’s absolutely going to be a problem!

This set was shot by Linkz Photo for the upcoming Elm Magazine

  • smamson

    she is very beautiful with a off the chain body

  • get@mebills

    damn she looks like a 50 stle pin up chick shes really gorgeous

  • bigboy

    her face is so gorgeous

  • L

    She really looks good in that red outfit. I could look at another ten pictures. She is very pretty also.

  • handyman

    she is unbeliveable gorgeous she should have been start modelinga again she supper bad

  • Sandokan

    I love this girl, she looks so good!!