In Italy with Laura Dore, SHOW, and Slickforce

In their biggest production yet, Nick and Slickforce shot the entire issue of SHOWPiece with Laura in Italy. We’re lucky enough to have exclusive images from their “working vacation” lol.

I suppose it’s every photographer’s dream to travel the world and shoot someplace with crystal waters, perfect weather, and timeless architecture. So when the publisher of SHOW approached me about putting an international shoot together for rising-star-model Laura Doré, I was all too happy to suggest shooting in Italy.

I’ve found many excuses to travel to Italy over the last few years, starting with shooting Cities of the Underworld for History Channel in early 2008. Since then I’ve been back 6 times, and have made an effort to improve my Italian with each trip. Once the magazine concept was greenlit, I went immediately into producer mode.