New Video of Kristal Solis – courtesy of MJ Flix

Ever since Kristal sent over her promo shots with MJ, I’ve been looking forward to seeing the video. And be sure to check out Kristal’s new site at

  • cableguyy

    Noooooo! the video is already not available! bring it back sir, we need our kristal solis fix, im already having withdrawls lol

  • Anon

    Ya gotta be kidding me, YouTube… :(

  • Julk

    Dammn! Did anybody rip the vid before it got canned???

  • Lamine

    Whaouh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kristal est so hot !!!!!!!!

  • cableguyy

    sweeeeeet, you got it back, thats why i keep coming back to this site you stay on point sir

  • hey baby this jay