More Pics of Rali Ivanova is July Hard Body Model of the Month – courtesy of OTB Photography

What your favorite thing about modeling?
I love everything about modeling! Getting ready for my photoshoots, looking at the final product and to see my pics in magazines is probably my fav!

What's the craziest sexual thing you ever done ? Or want to do?
I haven't done it yet but I wanna try to have sex on a plane. That would be soo hot!!

I'm sure you have plenty of male fans. Do you have lots of females as well ? What do they say to you?
I have some not as many as male fans . I love getting a compliment from a girl it makes my day!! They usually ask me how I keep my figure in shape. One girl couple days ago told my the most beautiful girl she ever seen in her life that was very sweet! and another girl asked me if I wanna go home with her ;)

What's your ultimate goal ? In Modeling, and in Life?
in modeling to create a brand Rali Ivanova and to be on as many, magazines as I can! Goal in Life to be happy and successful!

  • Knas

    She’s a problem.

  • lamine

    Hummmmmmmm… Rali ivanova !