Mercedes Morr @MercedesMorr: Sosua Beach – More from La Mansión – Jose Guerra

This year we had the opportunity to visit the Victorian House Resort in Sosua, Dominican Republic to shoot our latest tropical series, and were lucky enough to bring with us the beautiful Mercedes Morr and Jennifer Morel of Vicious Vixens for our first ever “Sosua Beach” series. If you missed out on your vacation this year, I promise this series will make sure than doesn’t happen again next year.

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0525_10_lg Victoria House Hotel

The Dominican Republic is the jewel of the Caribbean, offering the finest beaches, crystal clear Caribbean water and endless options for activities and adventures from Windsurfing to swimming under waterfalls.

The Victorian House is a premier destination for travelers from around the world. The natural beauty of the crystal clear blue Caribbean water is unsurpassed. Add to this world class water sports, island adventures and the luxurious resort amenities and you have the vacation for a life time.

Our resort offers many deluxe amenities, such as a spectacular heated Jacuzzi pool. In addition, our Deluxe Rooms and Suits have a Jacuzzi right on their private terrace for in room relaxation.

Discover a land where natural beauty is a way of life. From incredible mountain views to exotic undersea adventures, the Dominican Republic is your place for an unforgettable vacation.

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