Mariane Tarrafel on

Wow, you’ve done a lot on television! You currently work as a reporter in a TV program called ‘Encrenca’ (Trouble, in free translation). Would you tell us a bit about that experience? I live in a dream! I have never thought things would happen so quick, and such wonderfully in my life. I asked for a dose of happiness, and God gave me the entire bar! LOL

You have also worked in a Brazilian TV program called ‘Teste de Fidelidade’ (Fidelity Test), is that true? Yes, as soon as ‘The Bachelor’ was over, I was invited to work in ‘Teste de Fidelidade’. I said yes right away. Teasing unfaithful men is awesome LOL. I was there for two months, and then I started working in ‘Encrenca’.

About ‘The Bachelor’, what is the most difficult in the house? Being locked up in a house with 15 other women, no phones, with all of us trying to win the same man… I guess you can imagine how hard that can be! It wasn’t a long ride for me, though, since he sent me home on week 3. I felt bad; it’s terrible to get dumped! LOL