Mandy Leon interviews with The Kollage King

Mandy Leon interviews with The Kollage King
Name: Mandy Leon
City: Lancaster, PA
Model Mayhem: #1666718
Facebook: Add me- Mandy Bookingpage Leon or “LIKE” me under Mandy Leon
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican/Cuban/Italian/French
Measurements: 36-23-35
How did you first get started into modeling?
I started modeling around the age of 13, I worked for local hair salons and clothing designers. As I got into High School, I had to focus more on my school work and my grades so I stopped. Then after graduating at the age of 18, I immediately got right back into it.

I was older of course and my features changed so to start my new portfolio, I hired a photographer and from there I just did more and more shoots. Once I reached a point to where I could say I was experienced and had a good portfolio, I began receiving bookings like crazy. You have to work hard to succeed and thats exactly what I do and why I am where I am today. :)
What are your biggest assets as a model?My greatest assets as a model are of course my body. I don’t have a favorite part, I love who I am in general. I think along with my body image, my personality is was gets me a lot of work and brings people in. Most people are kind of shocked when they see that there is more to me then just looks.
What makes you sexy? Being an independent young woman who has her head right and goes after what she wants, while looking good and respecting herself. :). I don’t think there is anything sexier than a woman who is beautiful inside and out.
What part of your body are you most complimented on? The one part of my body people mostly tend to compliment and notice is my booty haha. I have a super small waist so they don’t expect the back side to be a huge difference. Other than that, everyone says my eyes are one of my best features.

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