Linx: Bernice Burgos @Bernice Burgos – Jose Guerra

Jose Guerra, ReVamp’Cha Designs and DynastySeries bring to you, Linx: featuring Bernice Burgos.

Linx: Bernice Burgos @Bernice Burgos - Jose Guerra

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Linx: Bernice Burgos @Bernice Burgos - Jose Guerra

  • 2nasty

    OH Bernice.

  • the_thick_twtr

    I luv me some Bernice but I wish she would show her cheeks a little more. Seems like all you really get with her is front shots and side profiles. Not to take anything away from these shots though because she looks GREAT and I’m happy to see anything Bernice graces us with. Bernice isn’t really separating herself from other models with shots like these though she’s just blending with the pack. When she did her KING shoot she KILLED the game. She seems to be a classy woman so I’m sure there’s a level of class she attempts to maintain in all of her shoots but there’s nothing wrong with showing some cheeks you can still produce tasteful back shots. I miss the KING MAG type shoots that Bernice used to give us! Don’t be scurred Bernice show us what you’re workin’ with you have a beautiful body girl let us see it!