Jenna Shea @iamjennashea in SHOW Magazine Issue #25

After my first ever cover, which was SHOW Black Lingerie 5 the first celebrity I dated was Lil Wayne. I think hes a talented artist but thats about it. Once the “OMG Lil Wayne likes me” wore off, I came to my senses and left him in Miami to go hangout with singer Pretti Sly. Mind you Sly was gorgeous with a Maserati and lives in the Donald Trump building so this wasn a downgrade. Wayne couldn believe I wanted to have dinner with a man other than him. Im sure that never happened before. Well Im not a regular girl and he will always remember me as the one who left his ass. I just remind girls that these celebs are no different from us and most of the time, not who you think they are. There are a few along the way Ive made friendships with or had turbulent relationships with but I can say Ive had a great time. I have NO SEX TAPES OUT on the contrary to what the Internet says. I dare you to please find one! One of my pet peeves is when guys say “I LOVE YOUR MOVIES”. Umm, I never had one weirdo. I do have videos of me kissing a few long lost loves but thats it.