Jayonna Fabro Assets Spread – courtesy of Del Anthony

Just in case you missed Jayonna in the 1 year Anniversary of Assets, she wanted to make sure you didn’t feel left out. I would like to say for the record…my birthday is coming up…and I like cake too!!!

  • Bruce

    Gorgeous and Sexy ,your BODY of work,illustrates that you possess the desired “ASS”ETS needed for STARDOM

  • Dennis

    Man she is killing Coco.Yall better get the video, before it’s to late.

  • eljesse

    My god!!!!!!!

    Jayonna cool name – Sexy body!

  • Dnice

    I need to go to Columbus… cuz they not walking around like this in AnnArbor!!….Whew!!

  • lamine


  • Money Emp

    Damn I Luv Thick white women.

  • Knas

    JF is force in her field. Gotta love her.