Frank D Photo and DynastySeries present: Mermaids – featuring Lia Cha and Karina Lopez

We decided to end summer off with a bang! This is definitely one of my favorite features of the year, and I’m sure I won’t be the only one who agrees. Lia and Karina are spectacular.

To see the complete set, click on the image below or go directly to

mermaids by theshowshow

  • Money Emp

    I’ve Just gon to Heaven, these 2 lovely ladies are sum of my FAVORITES!!!
    My Only Wish Is that I could’ve been there @the shoot

  • tnt

    ilove that keeep going

  • lamine

    hummm… lia & & karina !!

  • Knas

    Amazing set.

  • Indochine

    And here Frank D shows that he understands the main premise behind quality eye candy – making people feel good. You come home from a long day at work, at look at these beautiful photos, with the warm sun setting in the bg and aqua/turquoise theme in both the styling and make up, and you can’t help but be transported – if only for a few seconds – to a better place. And that’s what eye candy photography is about: making ppl forget about their problems and feel good for moment. Nice job Frank and Dynasty Series. Karina Lopez is AMAZING.

  • Andre

    Wow! I slept on this set when I first saw it; glad I doubled back to check it out. Since I first saw Karina I’ve been hooked; hope this is just one of the many sets we’ll see of her.