jc Exclusives has come to be know for our exclusives, and we wanted to make it earier for you see everything you may have missed, or everything you want to enjoy again.

Best of 2012: #4 – Azia Davis @MsHeavynly_Azia – Facet Studio
Best of 2012: #5 – Ayisha Diaz @AyishaDiaz: Holding On By a String – Jose Guerra
Lena Chase @lena_chase – Sparring Partner – Rho Photos
Tiffany Turner @Tiffany_Turner: Christmas Never Ends – IEC Studios
Mary Lou @LOUISM123 – Crawl Before You Walk – 2020 Photography
Courtnie Quinlan @CourtnieQ and Rheanna Duffield @RheannaDuffield – Behind the Scenes
Ayisha Diaz @AyishaDiaz – Best Gift Ever for Christmas – Jose Guerra
Ayisha Diaz @AyishaDiaz – Winter Wonderland for Christmas – Frank D Photo
Best of 2012: #7 – Sophia Christina @SophiaBody – 2020 Photography
DynastySeries Christmas: Behind the Scenes Video – Ayisha Diaz, Jennifer Skye and Janz J
Mesha Seville @MeshaSeville – DynastySeries Christmas – Frank D Photo
Elisha Jade @ILoveLeesh – Happy Holidays from The UK
Ashley Honie – Introducing – Ice Box Studio
Adrianne Nicole @Niecy_Babee: Please Excuse My Hands Part 3 – Jose Guerra
Best of 2012: #9 – Elisha Jade @iloveleesh: Salt Water Tee – Yohance DeLoatch
Curvy J @CurvyJ – DynastySeries Christmas – Jose Guerra
Ayisha Diaz @AyishaDiaz – DynastySeries Christmas – Jose Guerra
Ason Productions presents: Estefania Nino @MIZZESTEFANIA – Joe Labisi – Model Invasion
Ayisha Diaz @AyishaDiaz – DynastySeries Christmas After Dark – Frank D Photo
Mary Lou @LOUISM123 – Spider Web – 2020 Photography