ld Exclusives has come to be know for our exclusives, and we wanted to make it earier for you see everything you may have missed, or everything you want to enjoy again.

Cassey Chasem @casseychasem: Dripping – Iconik Images
Abella Anderson @AbellaXXX – Bella Beach –
Best of 2012: #13 – Stephanie Santiago @StephsDope: Bet On Black – Jose Guerra
Lena Chase @Lena_Chase – Arrest Me – Rho Photos
Best of 2012: #14 – Dayami Padron @DayamiPadron – Venge Media – Ason Productions
Adrianne Nicole @Niecy_Babee: Please Excuse My Hands Part 1 – Jose Guerra
Eenie Meenie Miney Moe – Behind the Scenes On Set – OTB Photography
Lyn Starr @fashionbarbi – Introducing – Alex Tirado
Victoria Renee @VictoriaRenee: More Pics of Neon – Linkz Photo
Best of 2012: #17 – Sultry Simone @IAmSultrySimone: Simone’s World – Jose Guerra
Ashley Guillory @beauty_ag – Introducing – Facet Studio
Iesha Marie @iesha_marie – PLV88 – New Video – directed by Jahrue
Destinee Milian @destineemilian – Happy Birthday – Ason Productions – Facet Studio
DynastySeries Interview: Behind The Black Tape Project with Joel Alvarez – Venge Media
Victoria Renee @VictoriaRenee: Neon – Linkz Photo
Halie – Patiently Waiting – IEC Studios
Dalancia @dalancia – Introducing – Biohertz Photography
Best of 2012: #20 – Stephanie Monique @StephanieNique – Visual Cocktail
Best of 2012: #21 – Amber Priddy @AmberPriddy: Pin Me Up – Visual Cocktail
P.R. Rocket @PRRocket321 and Brittany Slam @BrittanySlam – I’ll Take Care of You – Andrew Fennell