b1 Exclusives has come to be know for our exclusives, and we wanted to make it earier for you see everything you may have missed, or everything you want to enjoy again.

Victoria Renee @VictoriaRenee: Neon – Linkz Photo
Halie – Patiently Waiting – IEC Studios
Dalancia @dalancia – Introducing – Biohertz Photography
Best of 2012: #20 – Stephanie Monique @StephanieNique – Visual Cocktail
Best of 2012: #21 – Amber Priddy @AmberPriddy: Pin Me Up – Visual Cocktail
P.R. Rocket @PRRocket321 and Brittany Slam @BrittanySlam – I’ll Take Care of You – Andrew Fennell
Bianca Narbona @S0blessed – DynastySeries TV – Jose Guerra – Face Time Agency
Sasha Delvalle @SashaDelvalle: More Pics of Back In Black – Jose Guerra
Best of 2012: #22 – Ayisha Diaz @AyisagaDiaz: String Theory – Jose Guerra
Angelica Mills @MsAngelicaMillz – Introducing – DJ Jam-X
Best of 2012: #23 – Jenny V @miss_JennyV – Introducing – Jose Guerra
Best of 2012: #24 – Dolly Castro @dollycastroxoxo: Pretti On Pink – Mike Montoya
Melody Quan @RealMelodyKaye – New Exclusives from C.E. Wiley
Best of 2012: #25 – Model Bubbles @ModelBubbles: Built for Perfection – MJ Flix
Elke the Stallion @ElketheStallion: More Pics of Enter The Stallion – Jose Guerra
Sasha Delvalle @SashaDelvalle: Back In Black – Jose Guerra
Tresure Price @IAmTresureP: Treasure Chest – 2020 Photography
Ellesse Danielle @Ellesse Danielle and Kaeo Black @TKOBlack – Front to Back – Urban Soul Photography
Best of 2012: #26 – Jhonni Blaze @JhonniBlaze: Got Your Attention – DW Images
Bea Taylor @BeaTaylor4ever: Got My Attention – 2020 Photography