c1 Exclusives has come to be know for our exclusives, and we wanted to make it earier for you see everything you may have missed, or everything you want to enjoy again.

Shani Rose @theshanirose – Introducing – IEC Studios
Malani Cash @realmalanicash: Cash Out – Leon Dash
Jennifer Morel @dancermorel: Sosua Beach – More from Beachside – Jose Guerra
Yoncee @IAmYoncee: Room Service – Frank D Photo
Chabz @chabz__ : Rip It Off – I Smashed It Better – Frank D Photo
Jasmin Cadavid @jasmincadavid: Room Service – Jose Guerra
Britney Love @iamBRITNEYLOVE – Introducing – Alcole Photography
Torch @torch_ofloyalty – NFL Bodypaint 2014 – NY Giants – Jose Guerra
Mercedes Morr @MercedesMorr: Sosua Beach – More from La Mansión – Jose Guerra
Jennifer Morel @dancermorel: Sosua Beach – Beachside – Jose Guerra
Gia Simone @giasimone: Crimson Tide – GoodKnews Photography
Lo London @LO_LONDON: Bad Girl Attitude – Photographer 713
Mercedes Morr @MercedesMorr: Sosua Beach – La Mansión – Jose Guerra
Nya Lee @RealNyaLee: Brown Skin – Leon Dash
Iesha Marie @Ieshamariee – Behind the Scenes with 2020 Photography and Ason Productions
Cat Washington, Laura Dore, and Model Bubbles: More from Back to School – Jose Guerra
Vanessa Sofia @msvsofia: NFL Bodypaint 2014 – New England Patriots – Jose Guerra
Model Bubbles @modelbubbles: More of Back To School – Jose Guerra
Laura Dore @lauradore: More from Back To School – Jose Guerra
Persuasian @PersuasianKOD: Domination – Photographer 713