Elke the Stallion on WorldStarHipHop

Not only did Elke give me my Christmas present with her new video on WorldStar, she also sent over a few brand new pics for her fans. Count me as one of them.

  • DWADE3

    She got fat wtf.. smh all that stomach fat i see in the video is no bueno


    She needs to lose like 20 pounds of fat real talk b4 she does any more modelling ish.. idk what ya doin puttin fat girls on this website smh

  • Belle sexy.. Elke the Stallion mm.. Bisouxx.. Adorable xoxo

  • gPrice

    Man, I don’t mind if she packs on the pounds. More to love, bro, she’s hawt!

  • Ed the Bruce

    She looking like a Thanksgiving turkey in the shower.

  • when i see the white cream in the ass think? if i my squirt kkkkk