DynastySeries TV: Jeny Romero and Bernice Burgos – courtesy of Jose Guerra and Artistic Curves

We went Ferrari on Ferrari on Ferrari with our latest shoot with Jeny and Bernice, who have the be the great combination we can ever put together. Please respect not only the car itself, but the authentic Ferrari bikinis and custom Ferrari heels.

Heels are courtesy of Designs by Guichard. Find out more on getting your own pair of custom heels by following him @customheels.

mansion-jeny-bernice by theshowshow

  • loveladies


  • James

    Bernice is a dime, Jenny bad wow

  • James

    I’m no trick but Jenny can have Wat ever she likes in my t.I voice

  • lamine

    Aie !!! je craque pour Jenny et Bernice !!!