DynastySeries TV: Jeny Romero and Bernice Burgos – courtesy of Frank Hotsauce and Artistic Curves

Even though I want to, I can’t take credit for this combination happening. Putting Jeny and Bernice together at the same time was all Frank’s brilliant idea. And a grand idea it was!

Since both Bernice and Jeny are stars of DS, this is the first of 4 drops coming this week, with more on Wed, Fri, and Sun.

jeny-bernice by theshowshow

  • thacableguyy

    This is the hottest shoot I think Iv’e seen on here to date! From the models you picked to shoot together, to the pink background with the black outfits, the poses… got me saying woah like joey lol

  • paul


  • ksmittyd

    they work well together (hot).

  • iloveBERNICE

    bernice is baddd