DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

Name: Jasmin Brown
Measurements: 34B-22-36
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/JazzyGoGetIt
Ethnicity: Trinidadian Jamaican Portugese

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

How did you first get started in modeling?

Well when I was younger I got a 10 dollar allowance every friday so I would go to the store buy a disposable camera and take pics in my room in different outfits!

What are your biggest assets as a model?

I love the fact that i am all natural with all the right curves and my personality is pretty dope too!

Tell me what makes you sexy…

First and foremost my Attitude i’m a pleasure to be around i love to laugh and make others laugh around me! and my tattoos are hot and my smile too :)

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of?

Well with school I haven’t had a chance to take my modeling to its potential but as of right now i am working on being apart of Urban ink (cross your fingers!)

With all the shoots you’ve done, which ones have been your most memorable?

I actually just shot with Emmaly Lugo a few weeks ago we were naked and intertwined! It was hot, she’s a beautiful great girl and also my bestfriend :)

What part of your body are you most complimented on?

My small waist especially in a tight dress I look like pOw Pow POW! lol

What part do I need to compliment you on to have a chance?

My smile when someone tells me i have a pretty smile it just makes me blush inside and out

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

What’s the easiest thing a guy (hell even a girl..wink wink!) can do to get your attention? and keep it?

Give me a compliment without tryna holla! I like that make me want YOU because if i do i’ll go after you TRUST ME!

Tell me the sexiest date I can take you on under $50…because we are in a recession lol?

I love comedy so a comedy show would be cool like the Improv tickets are like 13.50 each so 27 dollars and ill buy the 2nd round of drinks cuz theres no shame in my game!

If there’s one piece of advice you could give a guy before makes a move, what would it be?

Do NOT walk up to me with your phone out expecting to get my number because yo won’t ITS NOT THAT EASY FELLAS!

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

Tell us something about you your mom probably doesn’t want to know..

That I was in a Relationship with a female! She’d die if she knew that! Sorry mom!

For 2010 to be the perfect year, what goals would you need to accomplish?

Knock a few magazines out the park with my overflow of charming-ness (yes i just made up my own word!) get my blog going interviewing big and upcoming names in the industry sports,entertainment ect ect

What other projects will we be seeing you in coming soon?

If all goes well Urban Ink mag

And most importantly, how long are we going to have to wait to have you shoot for the dynasty series?

Just say the word and im there quicker than sex with a man who’s been in jail for 15yrs!


Best thing about your hometown is…

Its cozy and everything is pretty close

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

I can cook…

a mean chicken fajita omelet! try me!

But i’d rather eat…

A green bean sandwich! yummy!!!

Favorite drink…

non alcoholic is any flavored iced teas (sweetend) and alcoholic is vodka tonic with lime plain and simple

Favorite movie…

Hands down Money Talks!

Worst movie you’ve ever been forced to watch…

omg Green Zone it was awful I damn near fell asleep but didn’t want to be rude!

Favorite album…

I’d have to say Sisqo Unleash the dragon lol and U.S.D.A Cold Summer both I can listen to from beginning to end!

DynastySeries Spotlight: Jasmin Brown

Favorite cartoon from the 80’s…

I was born in the 80’s so i’m not sure but my all time favorite cartoon was Sailor Moon! hands down!

Best memory from highschool…

being an artist. I used to know how to draw lol

Last time I saw someone naked was…

Lastnight! I spied on my hunny in the shower! lol

If you had to rate yourself in bed you’re a…

It all depends on who i’m intimate with if it sux i’m not gonna try to make it better if i’m not enjoying it! But if i’m into you all the way id say 10 cuz i’m a pleaser I like to take control.

If you kissed a girl…it’d be…

I’d Loveeee to kiss Cassie! i think she’s so sexy and those lips are a killer!

Guilty pleasure…

spying on people and fondling someone in their sleep! shhh don’t tell anyone!