Del Anthony presents GLASHION: Crystal Lee – Ink

I’m not sure what inspired Crystal and Del to come up with this idea, but we’re better off as human beings because they did. Crystal is absolutely amazing and is magic in front of a camera. Putting her and Del together is the reason why I am a genius! lol. All credit goes to Crystal and Del…amazing job!

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Or just click the image below…whatever works for you!

Del Anthony presents GLASHION: Crystal Lee - Ink

  • bob

    next time have her nude like you did with lia cha…she is beautiful, let her show it rather than cover her with ink..

  • Money Emp

    I’d Sign My John-Hancock All over that BODY SEXY Lady!!!

  • lamine

    Superbe Shooting !!

    sublime Crystal Lee !!!

    Son Corps de rêve irrésistible me fait craquer !!