Claudia Sampedro – courtesy of IMF Mag

IMF x Claudia Sampedro from IMFmag on Vimeo.

Recently, our very own Jahrue had the opportunity to showcase his creative direction as he linked with fellow photographer Shayna Batya to shoot the lovely Claudia Sampedro. Manning the video camera, Jah documented the real-time happenings as Shayna captured Claudia in all of her bustling beauty.

Claudia is a 21-year old model of Cuban decent who is more than likely no strange face to some of you out there. But whether she is a fresh and oh so luscious discovery or not, you might want to go ahead and get used to her appearance (of course we don’t mind) as you will surely be seeing more of her in days to come.

Claudia Sampedro - courtesy of IMF Mag